Ki Clinical Research – Leadership

Angelo Termine, MSM, MBA

Angelo Termine, MSM, MBA

CEO & Cofounder

Angelo is the Chief Executive Officer and President of Ki Health Partners LLC doing business  as New England Institute for Neurology and Headache,  New England Institute for Clinical Research, our clinical research center, as well as Ki Clinical Research, a site  management organization (SMO) and Contract Research Organization (CRO) hybrid providing comprehensive business, development and regulatory expertise to medical research practices and pharma/biotech/device companies.

Peter McAllister, MD

Peter McAllister, MD

Chief Medical Officer & Cofounder

Peter is a board certified neurologist and Director of the New England Center for Neurology and Headache.  He is Chief Medical Officer of Ki Clinical Research and Ki Health Partners, LLC. Peter has been a principle investigator on over 250 clinical trials, and has consulted with pharmaceutical, device and biotech companies on study design and implementation, regulatory affairs and product launch and promotion. He lectures extensively around the world, and authored over 100 scientific papers, abstracts and posters.

Ki - (kēy, also ch'i, qui)

A vital force, an energy, aura, or vibe.

Also Knowledge Integration - the art and science of translational thinking

Steven Gu, LL.M

Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Grace Valentine, BSN

Vice President & General Manager

Patti Menona

Director, Regulatory Affairs

Nicole Jelic

Directory, Clinical Operations

Amanda McDonald

Associate Director, Business Development

Clarissa Martin

Associate Director, Biometrics

Haley Dunning

Clinical Research Specialist

Megan Davis

Clinical Research Specialist

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