Our light bulb moment came a few years back. Our Site Management Organization was trying to get the (large, mullti-national, very well known) CRO to adopt some novel recruitment strategies for a study that was beginning to lag.  They refused. We pushed. Crickets.  Finally we asked to escalate the issue to the sponsor, and we were told, “You can’t talk to the sponsor”.

It was then and there that we said, “We can do better”.

At Ki Clinical Research we think a Contract Research Organization should facilitate a strong working relationship between the two most interested parties:  the sponsor and the sites.  But increasingly we’ve see the rise of multi-billion dollar CROs who feel that it’s all about them.  Full of arbitrary rules and many mouths to feed, these conglomerates seem to have a “too big to fail” mentality.

We’re different.  We’re small by design.  We’re detail-obsessed but built for speed.  We understand exactly what sponsors want, a we can deliver a great service responsibly, honestly and cost-effectively.

We cut our teeth in Neurology P1-4 studies, but over the years we’ve added psychiatry, pain, medical devices, urology and cardiology.  We’re up for more as the situation dictates.  We believe out skill set transcends any one discipline.

While we’ve worked with all sizes and shapes of pharma and biotech, we feel Ki Clinical Research is best utilized by small-to-medium size companies, looking to run studies from early phase 2 through phase three and beyond.

Give as or call or contact us through the site.  We look forward to working with you.

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